hey hey!

i'm the face behind the camera! my name is asha (but for some reason a lot of people online think it's ashley? idk man) and i'm a 22-year-old photo taker & film maker currently living life in sunny california. if i'm not editing photos or planning my next worldwide adventure, i'm most likely on the couch watching the office or getting lost in a book. i have discovered that the universe made me to create art. i am passionate about emotion—love, desire, & happiness all endlessly inspire me to write, paint, and shoot photos & video that will embody the emotions within the frame forever. i am a traveling photographer + poet + human being, who's obsessed with adventure, travel, and intimate moments. working together will most likely end with us being best friends; i love meeting carefree, genuine souls who are down to get a little creative during shoots. if you love harry potter, that's a bonus.

hi, my name is asha. let’s be friends.