destination wedding & elopement photographer


southern california based,
capturing love in every corner of this little blue planet


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just your average foul-mouthed light-chasing fun-seeker

this is the face behind the camera. my name is asha (but for some reason a lot of people online think it's ashley? idk man) i'm a 23-year-old photo taker & film maker currently living life in a sunny little pocket of california. things i love: online shopping, harry potter, saying bad words, and couples who trust me. i have discovered that the universe made me to create art. i am passionate about emotion—love, desire, & happiness all endlessly inspire me to write, paint, and shoot photos & video that will embody the emotions within the frame forever. it’s a crazy feeling to be chosen to document the biggest days in someone’s life, and i treat it like it’s the most important job in the world. because to me, it is. i’m not about the fake shit; give me the messy, give me the tears, give me the rawest, most vulnerable parts of your love and i’ll help you turn it into gold.
i am a traveling photographer + artist + human being, who's obsessed with adventure, travel, and intimate moments. working together will most likely end with us being best friends; i love meeting carefree, genuine humans who are down to get a little creative during shoots. if you love harry potter, that's a bonus.

hi, my name is asha. let’s be friends.


it’s more fun over here.



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