to my women;

i am so sorry that you are born into a society that calls you beautiful before they call you intelligent,

a society that engrains the notion into your being that your beauty stems from your physical features rather than from the beating heart in your chest or the running thoughts in your mind.

a society that labels you as less than if you are too dark, too pale, too skinny, too wide, too much or too little of the short list of unattainable adjectives that they have decided are beautiful that week.

a society that teaches you that you are something that needs saving;

from a tower, from a dragon, from yourself.

a society that has made you believe that being single means you are not worthy and not wanted.

a society that has taught you to frown upon loving yourself.


to my women;

i hope you learn to wake up and greet the sun

i hope you learn that you are light and warmth

i hope you realize that you are the goddamn sun

and that everyone in your life is lucky to know you, the people you surround yourself with are fortunate to be around your energy, and the ones you choose to love are simply blessed.

i hope you know you are worth more than a second thought in the mind of someone who doesn't hurt if you leave,

that you are worth more than the late-night-only texts,

that you deserve more

and you deserve everything.


to my women;

i hope you learn to love yourself

as much as you want someone else to.

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