Earlier this week I went ahead and created a vision board. Vision boards are suuuuper helpful when it comes to refocusing yourself and manifesting your goals into realities. Lots of people like to print out photos or cut them out of magazines, but I thought it would cute (and way easier) to make an online collage of some life goals of mine. Starting with travel (obviously), I threw together some photos I had saved on Pinterest that inspire me and get me excited to save up for my next trip. The next lil hexagon is filled with my future home goals. I LOVE interior decorations so I have some big dreams for my future house. The last big hexagon is filled with general love + social goals. Obviously I want a beautiful magical boy and a beautiful magical wedding to go along with him. Also, babies. Cute babies. Give me all the cute babies please. If I keep saving photos of cute babies, maybe the universe will get the hint that I really REALLY want cute babies. Also, a big rock on my finger. That's all. I don't ask for much. Lastly, I just have a small lil bubble with some quotes that warm my heart and some photos that inspire me to stay mindful and healthy. And bendy. I need to stick to yoga so my back doesn't feel like it belongs to an 80 year old woman.

That's basically the general idea of what a vision board is!! They're cute and fun to create, and are really helpful and motivating hehe

lifeasha bailey