“Trust the timing of your life. Stay patient, stay calm, stay determined, stay focused, and most of all: trust your journey.”

It’s so so wild how true the old, annoying “one door closes and another door opens” cliché is. Just when it felt like one giant door was slammed in my face, 5 more opened and now I’m looking at possibly having one of the most rewarding, adventurous, life changing summers of my existence thus far. It felt like life was against me for such a long time. I was looking at my life and asking the universe

“Okay, I work my ass off, try my best to help everyone that I can, and love with everything I have…WHERE is my good karma, I’m a good person damn it.”

Cleary (and sadly) the world doesn’t work like that, and sometimes you have to go through lots of shitty things before you can make it out of that period of your life and realize that the universe wasn’t dealing you shitty cards just for fun, it was all serving a bigger purpose.

I settled with my life and kept putting up with things that I shouldn’t have been putting up with, simply because I became comfortable with just being “sometimes happy.”

Once I got out of that mindset and could clearly recognize what I deserved and wanted out of life, it was easier for me to demand it; from myself and everyone I chose to include in my life.

I read a poem that said:



we cling to the things

that make us bleed

because we’d rather

feel the pain

in the familiar

than the peace

in the unknown.”


Like yes please let me be miserable surrounded by the people/things I am familiar with rather than find peace in my own solitude because being alone is scary.

Fuck. That.

I lost myself in the worst way because I was so invested in being validated through someone else’s affirmations. Now I just want to lose myself in the best way: through traveling, learning, and falling in love with everything and everyone, including myself.

lifeasha bailey