Waking up and realizing that this is your life and it is exactly what you make it to be is simultaneously a weight off your shoulders and a slap in the face.

You realize that you have nothing but time to change your life, at this very second if you wanted to. Everything you choose to do from this point on can serve as a reflection of the person you want to be; every thought and action you take right now can be to build your dream life around you.

You also realize how much time you’ve wasted,

How much energy you’ve put into people and things that didn’t deserve your warmth or love or thoughts. How many days you spent curled up in bed, lost in social media and contemplation and empty promises and dreams of getting out and doing something.

April woke me up.

I woke up from this trance of believing that if I waited long enough, good things and good vibes and good people would start to manifest themselves into my life. Lemme just tell ya’ll that that kind of mentality is bullshit and needs to be removed from your brain immediatelyyyy!!!

You made you, nobody else. You made the type of person that you are, you create your dreams and your passions and you create the opportunities for yourself to follow them.

Wake up, and choose yourself. Don’t make excuses as to why you aren’t as happy as you could be. Don’t depend on someone/something else to keep you satisfied or feeling validated. People change and people leave and things change and things leave and the only constant variable in your life is you.

Wake up, and take the first step in the direction towards the life you want.

lifeasha bailey