What drives you?

What do you daydream about? What makes you feel alive? What makes you smile like this?


I dream of being rich. I long to be wealthy and full. Full of love and life and happiness and experiences. Rich with memories and stories and laughter. When I think about life and the people around me, it seems as though we spend a lot of our time waiting.

Waiting for summer.

Waiting for happiness.

Waiting for the right time.

How ironic is it that we waste time waiting for the right time??? In my opinion, there is no such thing. Bad timing doesn't exist because everything that the universe gives to you is given exactly when you need it; the good and the bad and the ugly. If something doesn't work out, you get rear ended in the Target parking lot and miss a job interview, you meet a potential lover but things fall through due to circumstance...sure you can say you were in the right place at the wrong time, but in reality, those experiences were never meant to be anything more than what they were. That job was never meant to be yours. Those "failed" relationships were never meant to continue longer than they did.

We put so much emphasis and thought into things that could have been, and we blame time for not allowing our daydreams to come to fruition. In reality, there are infinite possibilities of what "could" happen, but there is also only one true outcome, and that is what actually did happen (philosopher af rn).

Your life is comprised of moments and experiences that are compiled and put together to create the person that you are right now. Every "failure," every embarrassing moment, every achievement. Every experience you've ever experienced has contributed to who you are right now.

Do you like who you are right now?

Every single one of us has a dream life that we aspire to have one day, especially with the advancement and availability of social media. Which brings me to my original question:

What drives you?

I think there is a lot of pressure put on young people today to be living their dream lives almost immediately. It seems like that's all that's on social media now: young nineteen (???) year olds backflipping off of cliffs into Italian waters and swimming up to their Instagram model girlfriends all while somehow promoting 15% off of some watch brand using their promo code "YourLifeSucksInComparison!" I think we all know that this lifestyle isn't exactly realistic, at least not right after high school, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating to be constantly exposed to. It's important to remember that you are on your own path, making decisions that work for you. However, while that's important to remember, it's also important to ask yourself: are you working towards your dream life?

What are you passionate about? Running? Creating music? Collecting coins? There are a million and one possibilities, and odds are you have at least one passion (even if you haven't found it yet). Are you actively pursuing it? If yes, good! Great! Keep doing that! If no, WHY??? Life is too fucking short to not make time for the things that make you like your life a little more!!!

For me, art and travel are what drive me. Writing, photography, painting, drawing, videography, being immersed in different scenery and cultures...creating makes me feel alive. Creating things that capture a moment in time and freeze it forever, allowing you to return to the moment and emotions whenever you want...that's what I'm passionate about. Creating things that people other than my mom like and appreciate (love u mama), that's what makes me excited and motivated. And so I create. And in the process of creating my art, I am building the steps to my own personal dream life; one where I can create and travel freely throughout the year without worrying about the current responsibilities I have (aka school UGH).

Moral of this long ass blog post is to remind you to make time for the little things you enjoy. Your dream life doesn't have to look like an Instagram famous 19 year old's dream life. Your dream life simply needs to be you, living a life that allows you to wake up on Monday's with bedhead and a smile. Chase that.

lifeasha bailey