“What you seek is seeking you.”

I’ve been feeling suuuper out of it lately. Really unbalanced, off center, and overall just in a general funk. TURNS OUT I can blame it all on the universe because Mercury AND Saturn (my reigning planet) are both in retrograde!!! So fun, so great.

In other news, I’ve been starting to practice the law of attraction (now is probably not the best time since my thoughts and energy are completely thrown off, thanks universe) but whatever! 


I’ll try to explain it in the way that I see it and practice it: you are constantly putting energy out into the universe, and in turn you are attracting what the universe is giving to you. For example, if you are always stressing and worrying about your lack of money, you are putting energy out into the universe and ATTRACTING more of a lack of money (I hate this sentence it sounds so weird lol.) On the contrary, if you can look at everything you have and be at peace with it, you will be consequently putting out a higher energy which in turn will result in the universe surrounding you with more of what you have/want.

Basically, you attract what you put out. If you emit negativity, you will attract it.

If you want to find love, you have to ooooooze it. You have to find love in everyone and everything around you, and you have to find it within yourself. You have to be the energy you want to attract.

It’s really hard to change your thought pattern, especially on the days you just can’t shake the negative mindset. At these moments, it’s so important to remember that you are human, everything you feel is valid, and feeling them does not make you weak or vulnerable. Feel what you feel, meditate on it, ask yourself why you feel these things. If you can’t change the outcome of whatever is upsetting you, learn to let it go. Better things will start to manifest themselves into your life the second you let go and allow them to. What is coming is better than what is gone.

lifeasha bailey