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i'm the face behind the camera! my name is asha (but for some reason a lot of people online think it's ashley? idk man) i'm a 22-year-old photo taker & film maker currently living life in sunny california. if i'm not editing photos or planning my next worldwide adventure, i'm most likely on the couch watching the office or getting lost in a book. i have discovered that the universe made me to create art. i am passionate about emotion—love, desire, & happiness all endlessly inspire me to write, paint, and shoot photos & video that will embody the emotions within the frame forever. i am a traveling photographer + poet + human being, who's obsessed with adventure, travel, and intimate moments. working together will most likely end with us being best friends; i love meeting carefree, genuine souls who are down to get a little creative during shoots. if you love harry potter, that's a bonus.

hi, my name is asha. let’s be friends.


i know it’s long but
trust me, you should read this


I'm so stoked you're interested in learning a little bit more about me + the experience you'll get if we work together! It's so incredibly important to me that you & your lover are comfortable being comfortable in front of me.
That's my #1 priority.
Something you need to know before we commit to doing this wedding thang together: I’m not just for the adventurous. You don’t have to be eloping across the country for me to be excited about celebrating your love. I’ll shed as many tears during your backyard ceremony as I would watching you say “I do” at the base of a waterfall.
I want to give you more than just photos or a wedding film— I want to give you moments. Moments you forgot about, moments you didn't notice, moments that you never want to forget. I want you to look back at your photos or your film and feel all the feels.
It’s important to me that you know what I value. Authenticity, rawness, vulnerability…all of these things go into why I do what I do. To me, it’s less about getting that one incredible, Instagram worthy photo, and more about delivering you with hundreds of moments in time. I also value fun. I want you to have a damn good time at your wedding, just as much as I want to have a damn good time at your wedding. My “ideal client” doesn’t look a certain way. They don’t have to fly me across the country for me to want to be their photographer. But they do have to be kind, understanding, and willing to go with the flow of their day. Wedding days are rarely perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfect wedding day.
I want to give you an experience. If you’re just looking for someone to set up a tripod and start shooting, shopping around for the cheapest deal, or just trying to check "photographer" or "videographer" off of your long list of wedding to-do's, we may not be a good match.
And that's okay!!! I want you to find your perfect photographer/videographer person!
However, if adventure makes your heart skip a beat, you don't mind straying from tradition, uninterrupted love is what gets you goin', and you're fine with me getting down on the dance floor with your little cousins, we'll be best friends in no time. My dream clients are the awesome couples who can laugh at themselves, let loose on their big day, value good work, and trust me to deliver them the most raw, genuine wedding memories that bring back allllll the emotions from their big day. I want to capture the love and passion between you and your boo, because weeks and months and years from now, your wedding photos and video are the only tangible memories that you will have from your wedding day. So...
Are you awesome? Do you value good work? What are we waiting for?

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